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 Why don't psychics win the lottery? Lots of times when I meet new people, they think it's funny to ask me for winning Lottery numbers. I think it's funny too and I have wondered about this same thing for many years.  Lottery balls are inanimate objects, they don't have energy. As a reader, I connect to energy, living with or without a body, but as for inanimate objects, like helping folks locate lost keys, just not my thing. There are psychics who do that sort of thing, but in all honesty, I've not asked one if they tried lottery numbers.  Once in a class I was teaching, I charted 3 digit lottery numbers for a month. My "win" percentage under that parameter was about 35%, not too bad yet I'd make no claim to be any higher than someone who is not intuitive. Though I would have won quite a bit if I bet every day. Those odds weren't enough for me to feel confident advertising that I could do it. I still feel the same...lottery numbers aren't my t
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Summer is drawing to an end and I feel like my life is that scene from Dirty Dancing when they have the talent show and everyone is all sad because everything is about to be over.  From approximately April till October, but more specifically from June to September, I live at camp. Camp is the Slipper Rock campground. It's just off the freeway on the left hand side of I79N, the exit before Grove City. If you don't blink, you can't miss it! This is a magical place where friends become family and you have adult adventures that make you feel like a kid again.  My family always camped while I was young, my Dad would drop us off up in Pymatuning and come back after his work week. We rode bikes and played in the woods and swam in the dirty little lake. That was childhood. We had each other and all the other kids in the camp who's parents did the same thing. We couldn't have asked for more or better, well except more money for the camp store ice cream.  There was always the
It's been a while.  I forgot that I started this blog. That's the peril of the woman who has had a stroke in the past, out of sight out of mind quite literally. So I hope everyone is well, and that you are happy this summer.  It has been a colder than normal summer hasn't it? I've only been in the pool twice yet this summer, between all the raindrops and a weird schedule, it just seems I haven't had much a chance to get in the water.  Shame.... it's a great stress reliever and brings me such sensual joy. Makes me wonder if you are taking good care of yourself? Are you making time for joy? for release? for exploration? what do you do that's purely for you?  I escape by reading and if I can sit by the ocean or pool, I feel like I have had a real vacation. I can not be alone in the hopes of having many small vacations each year :) lol! Our souls need a chance to just BE. Since we are human being ( humans... being) not humans doing. We would benefit by actually

Spritual shit

  What is Spiritual shit?  First let me tackle "Spiritual".  Spiritual In general, includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ones "self",  and it typically involves a search for meaning or purpose in life. Folks  may describe a spiritual experience as  sacred , mystical, metaphysical, intangible,  transcendent or  transforming in  an event or series of events that have a deep sense of interconnectedness. Some people call having Spiritual awakening "getting woke". Having a Spiritual awakening is a first step in what may be a very long, maybe even a life long journey. The journey is where the fun explorations start... I think that many things can be a Spiritual practice.  You can walk, breathe, eat dress, bathe, create music, art or poetry,  have sex, study, heal, read, write, travel, or live Spiritually. I am certain of these examples, because I have done or participated in them all, with intention and Spiritual focus. I think that the conditi

Spirit vs Ghost ( The creep factor)

  The creep factor. Before I got married, I had dated people who had called my job interesting but slightly creepy( unwise choice). This is why I didn't marry them HAHA. I married the person who loved everything about me, including my interesting job. There's a common misconception about Mediums, ( and Psychics) that we sit around talking to ghosts all day waiting to ambush you at the gas station or post office to tell you who has been pestering us all day.  I am here to set the record straight. I would never ambush anyone, it's just rude.  Us Mediums don't sit around talking to ghosts all day. We do talk to Spirits though. There is a difference. Spirit people are people who have passed out of the physical body and who live in the afterlife, aka " The Light". This is where all the Angels, and Spiritual Guides and Ancestors are. There are many names for the Afterlife but Heaven is my favorite.  Ghosts are NOT the same as Spirits. Ghosts are the people who have

Doing your part...

  Luca This week, I got to spend some time with my 3 year old great-nephew Luca. We were playing outside where he has a play station that reminds me of a pirate ship, in the yard were some magnetic fishing poles...we used those poles to chase my sister's dog around. That dog is a Cane Corso, he's a 190 lb love muffin named Mac. We pretended that the dog was a huge fish, we laughed and got dirty and I got stuck trying to cram my fat ass in his pirate house and even knocked the doors off when I tried to climb out and FELL over. We laughed like 3 year olds do when they play. We eventually ended up in the front yard when Luca casually turned on the hose and well, my mom and I gave him a wet sweatshirt contest..LOL!  This kid makes me laugh and remember why we do all the grown up things we do. We do them, so that we can love on our people. We do the things we do, because we have bills to pay and we have to make a living, but when it all boils down, what we really want is to laugh an

Do you have to believe in God?

Do you have to believe in God?  Wow what a loaded question! Recently, a new friend asked me this , thanks Dawn. How would I "do what I do" without a belief system that honors the Creator of the infinite universes in existence? I believe it would be impossible for me ,  but you may or may not be able to "do what you do" without that same belief system.  When I say "do what you do" I mean, live your life. There are many components to living.. like how you do your work, parent your children, make your decisions about how you spend your time and energy and loyalty. You can function well without any sort of belief system that includes a scripted version of God/ess, Great Spirit, Higher consciousness... the God of your understanding for lack of anything else to say since the list could go on and on. You may simply prescribe to a moral code of right and wrong. Your code of ethics may be more or less evolved than that too. Who should say? We live in a