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 Why do the Woo Woo folks like crystals so much? In every bad joke about hippies and fortunetellers etc, someone is holding a crystal to the forehead... LOL  YES this may be how I choose my outfits everyday ! LMAO!  I am laughing because when I was in seminary school, I remember taking some crystal classes and laughing about the stereotype, and remarking to myself that I would NEVER get that cliche'........... well fast forward 20 some years and I am like my own crystal method dealer !!  I think crystals are feel-good reasons to get outta bed every day ! I am fairly certain that I have never seen a stone I don't like, have you? Crystals are like "Rock Candy" to me!  You’ve got a problem? There’s a crystal for that. HAHAHA From being broke to a broken heart, crystals have been said to have physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and metaphysical powers, even though there are few if any actual studies to verify that they have supernatural or healing properties. But, tha
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 I woke up this morning with this thought in my mind:  "How old do most folks feel on the inside?" I feel about 30. I mean it may sound crazy, but this is the stuff I think about. If inside, we are all energetic beings, how does that have an age? How does it even get calibrated? I had first a health crisis in my early 30's, so of course my preference may be to go to a time where my body-mind-spirit connection felt strong! So then my soul age would self proclaim early 30's, make sense?  I think age may get calibrated at younger and or youthful and at the same time, with ageless wisdom. Stop for a moment and think about it. how OLD do you feel on the inside?  Lets talk about this.... Does your Spirit have an age? Is this why mainstream culture is comfortable aligning with the concept of an inner child? I think it's two very different things but I am not a Psychologist.  Is this why we often refer to someone as being an old soul? No matter how old you may feel on the
  No, I'm not gonna read your mind ! How funny is it that people think just because I can talk to your LOLOS ( Loved Ones Living on in Spirit) that I could or would even WANT to hear their thoughts? I have had so many people put their hands up over their temples to say you aren't going to read my mind are you while laughing sheepishly that I began to joke and tell people that I couldn't if I wanted to. I learned early on in my little sensitive life that inside other people's heads is not where I'd like to be! Everyone deserves privacy.  Overall I think an individual should have a reasonable expectation of privacy.  In today's world, I think if you are on your private property you should be able to have complete privacy, I think if you are coming to me for a reading then you can't expect the same expectation of privacy as you can when your on your own private property. When you come in for a reading, then I feel like your LOLOS speak to me through some versio
Marianne submitted a question yesterday (Thanks for being the first one to raise your hand!!) Can you resolve a conflict with a parent after they are deceased? Reply: Yes and No.  Yes in the aspect that a person's soul never dies and of course we all know the body does. So physical communication ends at the time of the corporeal demise, however...souls are still in existence and awareness. The soul crosses over into the light at some point (from minutes to weeks) after it has cut ties with the body. At that point the soul has an almost immediate sense of lightness and awareness of all the love that surrounds it. Then the soul has a chance to review life circumstances, making the soul aware of short comings and opportunities for healing.  The soul may not be here to "talk" to you and work things out after physical death,  but the soul CAN hear you and resolution may be, in fact. easier than when it was inhabited within a physical body with the ego and stubbornness and all
 What do you hold most sacred in this life? Could it be family? Could it be work? Could it be time? Could it be money? Could it be travel? Could it be love? What you hold sacred could be anything...literally, like authenticity, kindness, intelligence, integrity, the earth, and environment, your bond with your partner, your relationship with your mama, being of service to others, contributing to  humanity, or the light you see in a kid’s eye. It could even be somewhere you go  that is super special to you. I think these things could change as life evolves, but I think holing something sacred is a component of happiness.  I hold the LOLOS sacred (Loved Ones Living on in Spirit) for more on the LOLOS read my Love Notes From the Afterlife newsletter each Friday.  Sign up here:    ( scroll down to the subscribe button) Archives of the Love Notes here: For more about what LOLOS means to me:  You may be wondering what al